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Kendall and kylie game cheats

If you are a fan of Kendall and Kylie you will be glad to know that they have just recently launched a game. Both IOS and android users are allowed to play the game. The aim of the game is becoming a star. In the game you have to work real hard. It is includes what we do in real life these days with social network. You have will have to make new friends, post selfies, shoot a video, flirt and many more.

Just like we need food to keep ourselves going in real life in the game too we need energy, followers, k-gem diamonds, and game experience to keep going. These days using cheats and hacks are not a new thing while playing a game. There are already lots of websites offering cheats and hacks for the cheats for kendall and kylie game.

So if you want to apply cheats for kendall and kylie game head to There you will find every detail for the Kendall and Kylie game. As the game begins you have to tap on things and get goodies and next you get a pet. After crossing the initial stages of the game the next thing you do is complete the mission that is given to you one by one.

While doing the mission you have to take it easy and complete the missions one at a time. There is no need rushing in the mission. The game will seem easy at first but as you proceed to next levels it will become hard. So in order not to make the burden heavy you are supposed to do one mission at a time.

As you complete the mission you will need lots of energy. The harder the mission gets the more energy you will need that is why you need to save your energy. As you get on to a new level you have to make sure that your energy level is full or else you may not be able to complete the mission. This is another Kendall and Kylie game cheats energy cheats.